Difficult Sewing Applications Made Simple

Quilt Wizard.

quilt-wizard-fullSimple to Use:

Slide either guide onto the toe of the Wizard snap-on foot.

When using the stitch in-the-line attachment place the fabric under the presser foot, making sure that you line up  your ditch or line under the guide.

When using the extended guide, butt the fabric up to the guide and then drop the presser foot on top of the fabric.

Quilting has never been easier!

Now get your scant 1/4″ and perfect sewing on the line every time with the quilt wizard scant 1/4′ Extended guide and the sewing on the line attachments.

The quilt Wizard includes 2 guides and an illustrated instruction booklet
All Wizard Guides are interchangeable with your model snap on foot.


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